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Histology Title

  • The CVP lab at TAMU uses cutting-edge plastic histology techniques developed in-house to section medical devices and the surrounding tissue without first removing the devices. This gives pathologists a clear and accurate view of the implant site and provides new insight into the host response to metal and polymer implants.
  • These plastic histology techniques enable the sectioning of complex vascular lesions, calcific plaques, and bone without loss of tissue architecture and without requiring prior decalcification.

Exakt Grinding and Tissue Embedding

Using the Exakt grinding and tissue embedding system, slide samples for histology can be prepared for imaging and analysis of metal, bone, and other hard samples. Our trained technicians can produce microscopic sections of sample at less than 20 micrometers thickness and stain with a variety of colorants including H&E and VVG/Elastin.

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Paraffin Embedding

Currently all of our paraffin histology is outsourced to other labs. The CVPath Lab is working toward developing an in house paraffin histology lab.


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