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Molecular Cytogenetics and Genomics Laboratory

Molecular Cytogenetics and Genomics Laboratory


Dr. Bhanu Chowdhary, PI, Professor

Bhanu Chowdhary

Dr. Chowdhary's research interests include cytogenetics, gene mapping, functional and structural chromosomal analysis, and genetic basis of diseases and phenotypes. He has developed extensive collaborations with other groups, and together with Dr. Raudsepp started the Molecular Cytogenetics and Genomics Laboratory at Texas A&M University. In 2009, he became the Associate Dean for Research at CVM, and one of his primary goals is to ensure Texas A&M remains at the forefront of scientific institutions.


Dr. Terje Raudsepp, PI, Associate Professor

Terje Raudsepp

Dr. Raudsepp is primarily interested in genome organization and evolution, construction of physical maps, study of functional profiles of individual genes and their association with inherited disorders and fertility problems. She is applying diverse approaches to study inherited disorders and fertility in horses, as well as various phenotypes. In addition, by examining other domestic and wild species, including cattle, pig, dog, cat, zebras, giraffe, California condor, important information can be obtained on the overall organization and evolution of genomes. Dr. Raudsepp is also focusing on the evolutionary dynamics of sex chromosomes, particularly the Pseudoautosomal Region (PAR) of the X and Y, and the male-specific region of the Y chromosome (MSY).



Dr. Samantha Steelman, Post Doctoral Fellow, CV

Dr. Samantha Steelman

Dr. Steelman's research is focused on inflammation in horses with acute and chronic laminitis. She is currently using several different strategies, including an equine-specific gene expression microarray, pyrosequencing of the gut bacterial metagenome, and serum proteomics and metabolomics, to identify networks and pathways involved in the development of acute laminitis and potential targets for therapeutic intervention. Dr. Steelman is also exploring the potential of neutraceuticals to limit pain and inflammation and promote healthy hoof growth in chronic laminitis.




Felipe Avila, PhD Candidate

Felipe Avila


Felipe is primarily interested in the chromosomal structure of camelids, particularly the alpaca. He is focusing on developing a comprehensive cytogenetic map for the alpaca that integrates genome sequence data with physical chromosome information and locations of various candidate genes. This study will lay the foundation for research on genetic contributions to traits of economic and biological importance in different camelid species. He is also interested in general chromosome evolution and chromosomal abnormalities that affect the health of different species of camelids.


Sharmila Ghosh, PhD Student

Sharmila Gosh

Sharmila's research interests focus on optimizing a custom equine whole genome tiling array and applying it to characterize large-scale structural variation among diverse horse breeds. She will also use this novel tool to examine whether resistance and susceptibility to Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) is associated with copy number variation and structural rearrangements in horses. Sharmila is also interested in the evolution of chromosomal structure across diverse animal species.


Daisy Johnson, M.S. Student

Daisy is a first year Master's student in Biomedical Science. Her project focuses on the role of apolipoprotein A4 in inflammation and metabolism.


Undergraduate Students

Aaron Wang



Recent Former Lab Members

Dr. Pranab Das

Dr. Nandina Paria

Yvette Halley