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Service Labs

The College of Veterinary Medicine has a variety of service laboratories that provide unique and quality services to the college and university as well as the local, national, and international community. These services are geared toward the assessment of animal health and diagnosis of animal diseases. In addition, some of the laboratories offer novel strategies for genetic analysis and reproduction techniques.

These service laboratories can be divided into two major categories. The first category includes those labs that serve primarily patients of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, although these labs also provide research support to investigators within the college and university. These labs include the Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and VTPB Histology Laboratory. The other category includes laboratories that are primarily known nationally and internationally for their research and the services they provide, although they can be utilized by clinicians and patients of the Teaching Hospital. These include the Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Animal Genetics Laboratory, Trace Element Research Laboratory, Molecular Cytogenetics and Genomics Laboratory, Cardiovascular Pathology, Equine Embryo Laboratory, and the Texas Veterinary Renal Pathology Service.

Some of the specific services offered by these laboratories include DNA genotyping for determination of specific gene mutations in animals; cytogenetic, molecular, and DNA-based testing; cloning; pathologic assessment of cardiovascular devices; hematologic, cytologic, histologic, biochemical, and microbiological assessment of clinical patients; and high quality/low detection limit trace element data for environmental samples. To learn more about each of these laboratories, please click on the links below.