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Standard Tissue Collection for Immersion Fixation

Prior to fixation, trim your tissue.
  • Most fixatives penetrate very slowly. No fixative will penetrate more then 2-3 mm of solid tissue in 24 hours. Most specimens should be no more than 4 mm for good fixation, and 3 mm is preferable.
  • If you are working with whole brains, large tumors, or some large organ pieces, standard-sized tissue pieces may not be big enough for your work. If you are not sure, we can help you decide how large your tissue should be.
  • If you must cut sections thicker than 4 mm, do not use standard-sized cassettes. Standard-sized cassettes will squeeze larger samples and cause under-processing. If you need larger cassettes, come by our lab and we will supply you with them.
Fix the tissue.
  • Researchers are responsible for their choice of fixative and fixation time. Our lab supplies at no extra cost 10% Neutral-Buffered Formalin and Davidson's fixative.
  • If tissues are submitted still in fixative, our lab will not be responsible for fixation time.
  • Be sure to follow the standard tissue submission procedure.

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