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Standard Tissue Submission Procedure for Immersion Fixation

Place the tissue in a labeled cassette.
  • Separate tissue samples of different sizes into different cassettes. If you submit tissues of different sizes together in the same cassettes, we will have to add on a charge for separating them out into individual cassettes.
  • Use a #1 pencil to label the cassettes. If you label the cassettes with a sharpie, the labels will come off and we will have no way to distinguish your samples from each other. #2 pencils wipe off more easily, so please label using #1 pencils. Our lab provides at no extra cost cassettes and #1 pencils.
Completely fill out a submission form
  • Include all basic information, tissue information, any special instructions and an account number.
  • Attach a list of the cassette numbers, or print the list on the back of the submission form.
We will call or email you when your work is complete
  • Please include both types of contact information on the submission form.
  • Any emails that we send to you will have "Histology Work" as the subject header.

If you have any questions, contact us at:

Tel: (979) 845-3177 Fax: (979) 458-3499