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For tissue morphology:
  • Fix tissue in appropriate fixative for paraffin embedded tissue
  • After fixation, tissue should be stored in 70% ETOH, except for brain, spinal cord or any fatty/lipid-rich organ, which should be stored in PBS at 4C.
For Immunohistochemistry
  • Check the specifications for the antibodies you will be using and request the appropriate type of embedding.
  • If you are bringing your frozen tissue in pre-made blocks, be sure to embed all the sections in the same orientation, and let us know in which plane you want them sectioned.

If you are beginning a new project, we would be glad for you to come speak with us about any specifics before you collect any tissue, so that you will not waste any of your time or animals by making avoidable mistakes.

If you have any questions, contact us at:
Tel: (979) 845-3177 Fax: (979) 458-3499