Texas A&M University

Blood Collection and Shipping

Blood Collection

  • A tiger top tube and a purple top tube should be collected for each of the 3 horses (laminitis case, healthy control, and lameness control).
  • If possible, all horses should be fasted for 6 hours prior to blood collection. If this is not possible, please collect the blood and notify the Study Coordinator.
  • Please make sure all tubes are properly labeled with the horse's name, collection date, and case status (laminitis case, healthy control, or lameness control).
  • The serum separator (tiger top) tube should be centrifuged at a speed and time (~10 minutes) that allows adequate separation of the serum. This sample may be stored in the freezer (-20 C) prior to shipping.
  • The EDTA (purple top) tube should be stored in the refrigerator (-4 C) prior to shipping for no more than 2 weeks.
  • The blood samples may be stored as indicated for a few weeks; however, if there is a greater than 2 week period of time between blood collections, please contact Dr. Coleman for further instructions.

Shipping Instructions

  • Prior to shipping, please be sure that all tubes are properly labeled with the horse's name, collection date, and case status (laminitis case, healthy control, or lameness control). If data on more than one data set is being submitted concurrently, please contact Dr. Coleman.
  • The serum separator tube should be shipped frozen.
  • The EDTA tube should be shipped following refrigeration.
  • Place a piece of tape over the top of all blood tubes.
  • Place a frozen ice pack in the bottom of the cooler.
  • Place the 3 frozen serum separator tubes in the plastic bag marked "Serum" and place next to the ice pack.
  • Place several paper towels on top of the ice pack and serum samples.
  • Place the 3 refrigerated purple top tubes in the bag marked "EDTA" above the towels, with no direct contact to the ice packs.
  • Add paper towels to provide cushioning if needed.
  • Tightly seal cooler with packing tape.
  • Place client consent forms, hardcopy surveys (if data were not entered electronically via the website) and provided package slip between the cooler and exterior box. This does not apply to veterinarians in Canada (see below)
  • Tightly seal exterior box.
  • Attach provided pre-paid return address label.
  • Attach "Exempt Animal Specimen" label.

Contact Dr. Coleman with any questions or concerns.

Shipping Blood From Canada

  • All blood collected in Canada will be mailed to Dr. Hugh Townsend at the following address:

VIDO - Intervac
Attn: Dr. Hugh Townsend and Stacy Strom
120 Veterinary Rd.
Saskatoon, SK, S7N SE3

  • Please use the included pre-paid shipping label and follow all additional instructions above.
  • All forms including hardcopy versions of the data collection form and the client consent form may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to Dr. Coleman.