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Clay-lick work

Title Published Author(s) Journal Size
Parrot behavior at a Peruvian clay lick 2011 Donald J. Brightsmith and Ethel M. Villalobos The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 123(3): 595-602 172.82 KB
Parrot claylick distribution in South America: do patterns of ‘‘where’’ help answer the question ‘‘why’’? 2010 Alan T. K. Lee, Sunil Kumar, Donald J. Brightsmith and Stuart J. Marsden Ecography (33): 503-513 259.95 KB
Parrots take it with a grain of salt: Available sodium content may drive collpa (clay lick) selection in Southeastern Peru 2009 Powell, L.L., Powell, T.U., Powell, G., and Brightsmith, D.J. Biotropica 41(3): 279-282 338.79 KB
The roles of soil characteristics and toxin adsorption in avian geophagy 2008 Brightsmith, D.J., Taylor, J., and Phillips, T.D. Biotropica 40(6): 766-774 295.71 KB
Avian geophagy and soil characteristics in Southeastern Peru 2004 Brightsmith, D.J. and Aramburu, R. Biotropica 36(4): 534-543 128.47 KB
Effects of weather on parrot geophagy in Tambopata, Peru 2004 Donald J. Brightsmith Wilson Bulletin 116(2): 134-145 75.84 KB