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Thousands Visit College For Annual Open House

Posted April 04, 2017


Children lined the halls to perform surgery on their stuffed animals during the April 1 Vet School Open House. To see more pictures from the event, click here.

The sounds of laughter, joy, astonishment, glee—anything but silence—filled the CVM from one end to the other during another hugely successful Vet School Open House on April 1.

Paintings of animals, sent in from elementary and middle schools across the country, lined the hallway walls of the VENI Building, adding color and beauty to an already perfect backdrop for the incredible Open House.

Coordinated by hundreds of veterinary students and undergraduates for people from all over the state, the event opened the doors to the Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex (VBEC) and both the Large and Small Animal Hospitals to invite the community to see behind the scenes of one of the country’s premiere veterinary colleges.

There were a multitude of exhibits for rescues and organizations, many demonstrations by numerous animal groups (agility dogs, trick horses, etc.), and animal exhibits galore! In addition, a Q-and-A panel, with both veterinary students and the college admissions committee, answered participants’ questions about how to prepare for vet school.

The entire event was an opportunity for many to hear about all of the possibilities and best practices in the field.

Thousands of families, with members ranging from tiny babies to great-grandparents, lined the hallways, filled the courtyard, waited in line for teddy bear surgery, toured the hospitals, visited booths and petting zoo, held baby goats, watched horsewomen and men show their horses, and visited the student storeroom. There was something for everyone.

Preparing for next year has already begun, and people who attended reiterated that they would return for the 2018 Open House. Nearly everyone said they arrived at 9:30 a.m. and stayed until the event closed, which that tells you how much fun they were having! Thank you, Open House Committee…Great job!!

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