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Texas A&M Establishes New Fund to Aid Veterans and their Animals
December 18, 2014

Texas A&M Veterinarian Certified by ABVP in Reptile and Amphibian Practice
December 17, 2014

Texas A&M Post-doctoral Researcher Recognized as a Leader in the Field of Toxicological Research
December 09, 2014

Wounded Warrior Shares the Healing Power of the Human-Animal Bond
November 26, 2014

Texas A&M CVM Alumni Recognized for Contributions to Beef Industry
November 24, 2014

Texas A&M University Veterinary Student Awarded Marshall Scholarship
November 14, 2014

Texas A&M researcher collaborates on work that reveals clues to cat domestication
November 13, 2014

Texas A&M Dean To Serve On Task Force Studying Use Of Antibiotics In Production Agriculture
November 07, 2014

After Texas A&M Veterinarians Assist In Monitoring Bentley, He Returns Home
November 03, 2014

Obesity and Stress Research Addressed in One Health Grand Challenge Project
October 27, 2014

Han Leads Research Initiative Selected for One Health Grand Challenge
October 27, 2014

Revolutionary Technology Key to One Health Grand Challenge Project Aimed at Changing Lives Around the World
October 27, 2014

Researchers at Texas A&M Plan Interdisciplinary Chagas Disease Research Program
October 27, 2014

Two Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence
October 13, 2014

Two New Faces in the Professional Programs Office
October 02, 2014

Andy Maccabe of AAVMC Visits the CVM
October 02, 2014

Students Present at the AABP Conference
October 02, 2014

Reveille VIII To Retire at the Stevenson Center
October 02, 2014

Kerwin Named to the Tom and Joan Read Chair in Veterinary Surgery
September 03, 2014

Levine Appointed to the Helen McWhorter Chair in Small Animal Medicine
September 03, 2014