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Chowdhary Named Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Posted August 29, 2009

Chowdhary Named Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

COLLEGE STATION, TX - After conducting a national search, the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences didn't have to go any further than down the hall to find the new Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.

"I am pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Bhanu P. Chowdhary to the important role of Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the CVM," said Dr. Eleanor Green, Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine. "His strong reputation in the research community, his commitment to service, and his dedication to students will be key to ensuring the bright future of the research enterprise at the CVM."

After nine years as a professor in the Veterinary Integrative Biosciences department at the CVM, Dr. Chowdhary will step into his new role as Associate Dean on September 1, a role to which he hopes to bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

"I am grateful for the opportunity provided to me and am excited to serve the college and all constituents to take research and graduate education to the next level of advancement. We are fortunate at the CVM to have a bunch of faculty members who are very successful and are internationally renowned for their work," said Chowdhary. "One of my first goals is to try to translate their valuable experiences and my humble achievements in different cultural and academic environments into inspiration for everyone at the CVM, in particular the new generation of researchers and teachers. I will work to support their continued success by encouraging and promoting them to target various funding sources and by increasing opportunities for expanded collaborations."

The same excitement Chowdhary wants to bring to the research faculty also applies to the graduate students in the college.

"I have been very close to graduate students all of my career," said Chowdhary. "I would like to see graduate education at the CVM further organized so that we can attract the best students and can create and graduate students of the highest caliber."

In addition, Chowdhary wants to incorporate more research opportunities into the professional DVM curriculum as it adds a very important dimension to education and professional development.

"I would like to help create an atmosphere whereby our veterinary medical students have a better idea of the research that goes on within the college and even outside the college that supports the discovery of novel tools for treatment and diagnostics," said Chowdhary. "By doing this, and helping these students develop a research aptitude, their awareness to latest developments will dramatically increase and they will be better equipped with ways of understanding and addressing complex problems they may see in their clinics. Also, when they are in practice and know they can contact researchers for additional information, they will not only be abreast with latest advancements, but they will also serve as ambassadors to support the research function."

Another group that Chowdhary is eager to work with is the post-doctoral students, or "post-docs". By increasing opportunities for these budding researchers to build their credentials, Chowdhary hopes to better equip them to face the future and bring increased visibility to the CVMBS.

"I have come to realize," said Chowdhary, "that post-docs are the backbone of the research infrastructure of this college. By encouraging them to be actively involved in research, proposal writing, teaching, we can ensure they continue to advance, they develop a CV that speaks volumes, and they are better positioned to be the future leaders in their field."

Chowdhary realizes that there is much work to do, but is committed to taking small, yet realistic and concrete, steps to achieving his goals.

"I want to provide a clear vision of where all of this fits in the larger picture of the CVM and TAMU mission," added Chowdhary. "By increasing the research presence in the clinical areas, by recruiting and retaining excellent faculty and staff, and by leading by example, I am very optimistic we can accomplish all of this, and perhaps more."

Chowdhary's own research has focused for the last several years on genetics of multiple species, with primary interest in the domestic species. As his research has advanced in the area of genome analysis, he has found himself entering into the area of functional genomics - an exciting area at the interface of translational research in domestic animals.

"We have worked hard over the last several years to create genetic maps, and now we are able to begin to apply what we've learned to different diseases and conditions to help us better understand the role different genes play in the progression of these diseases and conditions."

Chowdhary began his education with a Veterinary Degree from the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Bikaner, India, followed by a Masters in Veterinary Science in Animal Breeding and Genetics. He received his PhD from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden.

In addition to numerous articles and book chapters, Chowdhary has played an active role in professional genetics societies. In 2009, he was named as the President-Elect of the Texas Genetics Society. He has also served regularly on many department, college, and university-wide committees.

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