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Vet School Open House is a completely student-run event. As a result, the Dean's office may not have complete information about Open House. Please feel free to contact any of the individuals listed below directly with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding a specific aspect of Open House. We only ask that you are patient with us, as we are vet students with very hectic schedules -- it may take us a little time to get back to you, but we promise that we are very excited and willing to talk with you! Thank you for your interest in, and excitement about, Texas A&M University Vet School Open House!


Title Names Email
Executive Directors

Victoria Grimsley

Hunter Enderle

Sponsorship Coordinators

Jack Burks

Ashlyn Holbert

Brad White
Indoor Events Coordinators

Jessica Kohout

Ana Bland
Outdoor Events Coordinators

Marisa Peterson

Sydney Jones
Large Animal Hospital Coordinators

Hunter Greer

Kyler Gilbreath

Small Animal Hospital Coordinators

Devyn Schultz

Emily Adamson

Rylee Rushing

Emily Tran


Girl Scouts

Mary Margaret Worley

Samantha Lowrey
Boy Scouts

Ian Spencer

Jacob Boehnke
Publicity & Website

Amina Karedia

Kelly D’Ancicco
Undergraduate Volunteering

Laine Tiedeman

Marjorie Nguyen

Special Needs Tours

Brandy Orr

Kristie Ikels