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Please help us get the word out about the 22nd Annual Vet School Open House!

How can you help?  Print this flyer out and post it around your community: in schools, at restaurants, at churches, at community centers, at the YMCA, etc.  Or, post this flyer (or a link) to any community calendar online.

Remember, our target audience is not limited!  This is a great event for preschoolers who love animals, grade school children interested in veterinary medicine, high school students intrigued about animal science, college students desiring to become vets, pet owners who care about the health of their beloved companions, adults and children passionate about agriculture, teachers desiring to further expose their students to the sciences, or any member of the community with a curiosity or a fervor for learning!


2015 Flyer


Thank you for helping us invite and welcome more people to Vet School Open House!