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Basic Membership:

In order to become a member of the Pre-Vet Society, you must pay dues by the deadline online. We allow new members to join during both the fall and spring semesters!


Dues are 37 dollars for the year and include a T-shirt, food at meetings, and discounted event prices. To become a member and be awarded Distinguished Membership, dues must be paid. To receive your T-shirt please print out or take a screenshot of your receipt and present it to an officer at the meeting. Follow the link to pay dues here.

Distinguished Membership:

A list of all distinguished members will be sent to the vet school at the conclusion of each semester and the member with the most points each semester will be eligible for a scholarship from the Pre-Vet Society.

In order to become a distinguished member, each of the following specifications must be met by the last meeting of each semester:

  1. Pay dues by the set deadline
  2. Attend a one-on-one in the cubicle with an officer 
    1. Only new members are required to attend a one-on-one during the semester they are joining
    2. One-on-ones will be rewarded with one point
    3. Returning members may attend an optional one-on-one session for one point
    4. Sign up on the One-on-one Google Doc(The cube is located on the first floor of the Koldus building in the lounge area of Student Activities! Please click here to watch the video on how to get to the cube!)
  3. Collect 50 points from the following sources:
    1. Meeting attendance (4 pts/meeting)
    2. Volunteer hours with sponsor signature (2 pts/hour)
      - volunteering may not exceed 25 pts (12.5 hours)
    3. Field trips/Socials (varies by event)
    4. Give other members rides to meetings/events (2 pts/ride)
  4. Fill out the Member Contact Information Google Doc

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not show up for an event you signed up for, half of the points that the event is worth will be deducted from your semester total.


For a detailed explanation of point requirements, view the 2015-2016 constitution.

Membership Status

Click here to check your membership status.

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If you have any questions about the program, please email Kelli at