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2016-2017 Officers



Katie Freeman

Vice President

Michael Jimmerson


Claire Lohn


Ashleigh Moody


Sydney Sheets

Shadow Program Coordinator

Shadow Program Assistant

Morgan Gunn

Reena Gannon

Event Coordinator

Hannah lam

Read the specific responsibilities of each officer, learn our email addresses, and find out a little more information about each one of us!

2018 Officer Elections

Interested in becoming a Pre-Vet officer? Applications are now open! You must have been distinguished for at least two semesters (they do not have to be consecutive), and you can run for up to two positions. Applications are due March 2nd, so get them in now! (Turn in all applications to the president at

*Please note, certain positions require different prerequisites. For example, President is picked from the pool of previous officers and you must have done Project Miller to run for VP. Please read each application carefully to ensure you qualify.

Refreshments Committee Application

Cube Hours

The cube is located in the lounge area of the Student Activites Center in the Koldus Building. Please click here to watch the video on how to get to there!

The sign up for One-on-Ones can be found under the Membership tab

The Google Doc will be closed at 5PM each Sunday.

Pre-Vet Society Advisors