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Event Coordinator


Christine Frey

Christine is a sophomore Animal Science major. She is from Fort Worth, Texas and is interested in equine medicine with a speciality in repro/breeding or marine animal medicine.

The Events Coordinator is the person in charge of planning and organizing all socials and events during the semester.

Interesting vet experience: "Around the holidays at the vet clinic, my vet was about to perform a leg amputation on a cat due to a malignant tumor. I held the leg upright while the vet performed the amputation, so I got to see all the cuts/incisions he was making! Then, when the leg had been amputated, my vet turned to me, handed me the leg, and joked, 'Merry Christmas Christine!'"

Places to travel to: "Alaska. I love the cold and have heard it's breathtaking there."

Pets: A mutt named Rose and a chihuahua named Pablo.