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Event Coordinator


Madisson Wiggins

Madisson is a senior Animal Science Major that will also be receiving an Equine Certificate, from Euless, Texas. She is interested in Mixed Animal and Exotic Animal medicine.

Interesting Vet Experience: "I was able to watch a gastrointestinal exploratory surgery on a 9 month old golden retriever and a bath robe belt was recovered from the intestines that the puppy had swallowed whole."

Pets: Papillon named Elvis, 3 dapple miniature dachshunds named Dixie, Daisy, and Molly. 3 cats named Sammie, Tj, and Chase. And three backyard chickens.

The Events Coordinator is in charge of all of the socials and plans the events for the upcoming year. This includes Big Trip, Doggie Day, profit shares, mock interviews and various socials. She is also in charge of the new Mentor Program which encourages member involvement.