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Student Highlights

Graduate Student Grants & Awards

Name Dept. Title Agency Amount
Tam Nguyen VTPP Biomechanical aspects of functional adaptations in lymphatic vessels American Heart Association $50,000
Kelly Scribner VIBS Regulation of mammary gland and breast tumor differentiation by singleminded-2's DOD-BCRP $115,000
Dr. Franklin Lopez is the first recipient of the Patterson Fellowship, which supports a DVM pursuing a PhD or residency for 3 years.
The AFS Graduate Merit Fellowship was awarded to Laura Bryan (VTPB).
The AFS Graduate Diversity Fellowship was awarded to Jessica Rodriguez (VTPB) and Chelsie Burroughs (VTPP).
The AFS Distinguished Graduate Student Awards for Excellence in Research were awarded as follows:
  • Masters: Danilo Landrock (VTPB) & Rajeshwari Yog (VIBS).
  • Doctoral: Pamela Ferro (VTPB) & Panagiotis Xenoulis (VSCS).
Dr. Randi Gold and Dana Pollard are the first recipients of the CVM Merit Scholars Fellowship. This fellowship supports an incoming graduate student pursuing a PhD for 4 years.
The Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship was awarded to Rachel Wright (VTPB).
The Bush Foundation Grant was awarded to Sara Mashoof (VTPB).
Victor Mason received the Best Poster Award at the Biology of Genomes Conference.
Dr. Jessica Hokamp received the Pfizer Animal Health-Morris Animal Foundation Veterinary Fellowship for Advanced Study.