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William Murphy



Phone: (979) 458-0906

Mailstop: 4458

Department: VIBS

Photo of Murphy, William


  • Post-doc Comparative Genomics, Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, NCI, NIH 2003
  • Ph.D. Biological Science, Tulsa University 1997
  • B.S. Biological Sciences, Illinois State University 1992


Characterization of 9 microsatellites and primers in snow leopards, and a species-specific PCR assay for identifying non-invasive samples.
Janečka JE, Jackson R, Munkhtsog B, MurphyWJ
Conservation Genetics Resources . 2014
A cluster of olfactory receptor genes linked to frugivory in bats.
Hayden S, Bekaert M, Goodbla A, Murphy WJ, Dávalos LM, Teeling EC
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Comparative analysis of mammalian Y chromosomes illuminates ancestral structure and lineage-specific evolution.
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Technical comment on "The placental mammal ancestor and the post-K-Pg radiation of placentals".
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Science. 2013 341(6146):613.
Using Illumina next generation sequencing technologies to sequence multigene families in de novo species.
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A conserved segmental duplication within ELA.
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Pattern and timing of diversification of the mammalian order Carnivora inferred from multiple nuclear gene sequences.
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Ecological adaptation determines functional mammalian olfactory subgenomes.
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Genome 10K: a proposal to obtain whole-genome sequence for 10,000 vertebrate species.
Genome 10K Community of Scientists
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Molecular decay of the tooth gene Enamelin (ENAM) mirrors the loss of enamel in the fossil record of placental mammals.
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A high-resolution cat radiation hybrid and integrated FISH mapping resource for phylogenomic studies across Felidae.
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The mitochondrial genome sequence of the Tasmanian tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus).
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Phylogeography of the genus Epiplatys (Aplocheiloidea: Cyprinodontiformes).
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Evidence for multiple species of Sunda colugo.
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Raising the spectra of T-cell profiling.
Murphy WJ
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Construction of radiation hybrid panels.
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28-way vertebrate alignment and conservation track in the UCSC Genome Browser.
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Gene conversion between mammalian CCR2 and CCR5 chemokine receptor genes: a potential mechanism for receptor dimerization.
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A 1.5-Mb-resolution radiation hybrid map of the cat genome and comparative analysis with the canine and human genomes.
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Genomics and conservation genetics.
Kohn MH, Murphy WJ, Ostrander EA, Wayne RK
Trends Ecol Evol. 2006 21(11):629-37.
An approximately 140-kb deletion associated with feline spinal muscular atrophy implies an essential LIX1 function for motor neuron survival.
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The feline genome.
Murphy WJ
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Novel gene acquisition on carnivore Y chromosomes.
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The late Miocene radiation of modern Felidae: a genetic assessment.
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A rhesus macaque radiation hybrid map and comparative analysis with the human genome.
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Genomics. 2005 86(4):383-95.
Dynamics of mammalian chromosome evolution inferred from multispecies comparative maps.
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Mammalian phylogenomics comes of age.
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Phylogenetic assessment of introns and SINEs within the Y chromosome using the cat family felidae as a species tree.
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Genomics. A dog's breakfast?
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Mapping of 53 loci in American mink (Mustela vison).
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Nuclear gene sequences confirm an ancient link between New Zealand's short-tailed bat and South American noctilionoid bats.
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

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