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Lab Members

Will SkilesWill Skiles

Will is entering his second year of graduate school in the Biomedical Sciences program at Texas A&M University. His project focuses on elucidating the effects of oxidative stress on developmental programming.  He is currently using a mouse embryonic stem cell model as well as a bovine IVF system.

dariaDaria Muller

The goal of Daria's research includes examining changes in post-translational histone modifications within key regulatory regions in both static and differentiating neural stem cells. While her current focus remains on examining the trimethyl state of H3K4 and H3K27 in neural stem cells, her long term goals include addressing changes to the mono and dimethylated chromatin states as well as elucidating the mechanism behind the key protein complexes, Polycomb and Trithorax, that mediate the establishment of the active or repressive histone marks. She is confident that alcohol induced alterations of the epigenetic program regulating neural stem cell maintenance and differentiation are likely to play a larger role in early neural development, and could potentially explain the origin behind the central nervous system defects commonly observed among the FASD children.

kyleeKylee Veazey

Fourth-year student in the Genetics graduate program

Kylee's project focuses on trying to understand the effects of alcohol on the transcriptional control of gene expression  during embryonic development.  Alcohol is the most prevalent teratogen to which humans are exposed.  She is interested in the changes in activating and silencing epigenetic marks caused by alcohol, and the long-term consequences to the developmental program.  Using murine embryonic and neural stem cells as models, she is trying to determine the developmental origins of birth defects associated with fetal alcohol exposure.