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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Interested in finding out more about animal behavior in veterinary medicine? Check out some of these links!


  • AVSAB Newsletter -Click here to access the AVSAB Quarterly Newsletter! Bringing you information on current topics pertaining to animal behavior in veterinary medicine.


  • Texas Vet Behavior -Click here to see a veterinary clinic located in nearby Sugarland, TX. Run by Dr. Lore Haug, this practice provides connections to several veterinary behavior resources accessible to the general public.


  • AVSAB Events -Find information on AVSAB sponsored seminars, conferences, and events located around the world. If inteterested, please contact the club for more information on attending these events.


  • Dominance Position Theory -See here the training methods and concerns related to Dominance Theory, a method still being used by many dog and other animal trainers today.


  • Punishment Position - Punishment is something used in various aspects of training, but there are certain guidelines you may be unaware of. Click here for more information.


  • Puppy Socialization - Who doesn't love watching puppies play?? However, there are many ways in which to socialize your animal that will help correct behavior issues later in life. Click here for more.


  • Breed Specific Legislation -We all know different breeds have different temperaments. Ths has led to different legislation being passed pertaining to certain types of breeds. If you have a breed prone to behavioral issues, check out the information presented from AVSAB.


  • How to Select a Trainer -Training is an important part of the process of accepting a new animal into your home. Click here to see the AVSAB guidelines on how to choose an effective and appropriate trainer for your animal.


If you have any other resources concerning veterinary animal behavior, feel free to contact Austin Hardegree at in order to make them available to the public via our site!