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Meet the Officers

Meet the Officers!

The officers for the 2015-2016 school year


President: Amelia Looper - 3VM


“I first became interested in animal behavior when I got in way over my head by adopting a dog with significant issues (pictured). Learning to help him feel safe changed my life, and my hope is to help other frustrated owners and confused pets to enrich their relationships and enjoy each other.”

Vice President: Taylor Strange - 2VM


"Making the effort to understand is crucial to understanding an animal's outlook of the world. Every step towards understanding makes us better owners, caretakers, educators, and veterinarians."


Secretary: Lauren Allen - 2VM


"Behavior is such an important part of ht ehuman-animal bond and having a better understanding of behavior is a great way to strengthen this relationship. Behavior Club has provided be with opportunities to learn about animal behaviors, as well as learning how to communicate this information to others."


Treasurer: Jenni Marshall - 3VM



Webmaster: Rosa Banuelos - 3VM


“As a future veterinarian, my calling is to help animals of all types in every way I can, so understanding animal behavior is important to me and my future career, specifically because I plan to work with wildlife and exotic animals. These types of animals’ stress levels can be greatly reduced by simply understanding their natural behaviors and how to work with them, instead of against them.”


4th Year Veterinary Student Representative: Alexandra Pruett


“Helping people make educated decisions about their pets, especially as it relates to behavior is truly my passion. Behavior club gives me the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and the interactive discussion amongst my peers is invaluable.”


3rd Year Veterinary Student Representative: Kathleen Gonzalez


"Behavior club helps me learn how to communicate and understand animals, even the ones that are hardest to read. I hope to use these skills to not only help my future cat/dog patients but to my exotic patients as well."


2nd Year Veterinary Student Representative: Lance Wheeler


"Seeing my dog, Velcro, after a long day of work is my nectar of life. I take pity on those who have yet to experience the symbiotic magic of the human-animal bond. There is no substitute. Helping to preserve these relationships through veterinary medicine and understanding animal behavior is my life's passion."


1st Year Veterinary Student Representative: Jill Starks


"Striving to understand animal behavior and hw animals see and respond to the world is critical in order to strengthen the human-animal bond. As a future veterinarian, I want to educate pet owners about their pet's behavior and provide proactive ways for them to work with their pet. Behavor Club gives me the opportunity to learn about animal behavior so i can accomplish that goal."