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Ongoing Projects


In the spring of 2007 Green Vets established a recycling program. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to use the paper, aluminum, and plastic recycling bins.

Green Vets members empty the bins twice a month and the recyclables are picked up by the Texas A&M Campus Recycling program.

Currently Green Vets is working on improved labeling on the cans to make them more identifiable, adding a paper recycling bin to the computer lab, and adding newspaper recycling bins to each of the main classrooms!


Future goals:

  • Expand the recycling program to include more bins of each type to place in more locations on campus.
  • Add bins for recycling dog food bags and cans
  • Cash in aluminum cans to donate the proceeds to an environmental non-profit organization
  • Join forces with the main campus Environmental Issues Committee to participate in Curbside Recycling Drives and post-football game Kyle Field recycling



With the help of faculty sponsor, Dr. Alice Blue-Mclendon, Green Vets planted a native and adapted plants garden for students to enjoy.

Green Vets members and Dr. Blue-Mclendon had a garden workday on October 8, 2010 and added a truckload of mulch and over 700 pounds of moss rock! Updated photos coming soon!

The garden was featured on the CVM website in this article.