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2015-206 Officers:

  • President: Sarah Chung (3VM)
  • Vice President: Natalie Castell (2VM)
  • Treasurer: Chloe Goodwin (3VM)
  • Secretary: Jessica Pinckard (3VM)
  • Third Year Representative: Jessica Pinckard
  • Second Year Representative: Kelsey Carroll
  • First Year Representative: Duc Nguyen

Officer Elections:

General officer elections will be held the in early part of spring semester.  This meeting is typically held with the 4th year veterinary school students and veterinary residence of the Texas A&M University ACLAM Residency Program.  This meeting is an informational meeting regarding experiences with summer research programs, residency programs, the Matching Program for applying to residency programs and general laboratory animal career path.

The 1VM Representative is elected during the first meeting of the fiscal year.  This person is elected by their 1VM peers.