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President: James West, 3VM


James West is a kind, compassionate, and very humble individual who will spare no expense to inform you just how amazing cats are. The current Vice President for the SCAAFP, he earned his undergraduate degree at University of Texas with a degree in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior. As such he is quite fascinated in ecological and behavioral impacts in medicine, but his true joy is feline medicine. He currently lives with one cat, Tempest, who he loves very much and helps distract, yet focus him, towards his goal of becoming a Feline Practitioner.

Vice President: Stephen Marsh, 3VM


I grew up in Jackson, MS and graduated with a degree in Communications from the University of Southern Mississippi. I then moved to Houston and decided to change career paths toward veterinary medicine, so I came to Texas A&M for a couple years before starting here at the CVM. My wife and I have three furry roommates: Spite (tabby), Mocha (black), & a ferocious canine beast named Bonnie who found her permanent home with us a year ago at the age of 6. I love cats. I have always found them entertaining and funny creatures, and I look forward to working with them in practice. In my spare time I love doing jumping-jacks, playing Settlers of Catan, collecting Helminths, and going to the movies with my wife.

Treasurer: John Buikema, 3VM


I grew up all over, but consider myself a Houstonian because I received my B.S. in Biology from the University of Houston. Before that, I spent four years in the Marines, serving with Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. My wife and I share our house with an orange tabby named Attila, who may look like a Hobbes but is definitely a Calvin when it comes to the level of mischief he is capable of. I support the mission of SCAAFP because as a future small animal vet, I need every tip and trick I can get to better handle the unique veterinary challenges inherent to working with cats.


Secretary: Jennifer McGill, 3VM

Historian: Stephanie Griesel, 2VM

I was raised in Cypress, Texas and received my B.S. in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University in 2013.  I have worked as a veterinary technician since 2008 and I plan on becoming a small animal practitioner with a special interest in feline medicine.  My family and I have always been avid animal lovers and I currently have four cats: Bert, Ernie, Spooky, and Pepper.  In my free time I love to read and spend time with family and friends.



AFCAT Liason: Christine Gremillion, 3VM


I grew up in northwest Houston and obtained my bachelor of science in Biology from Texas A&M in 2013.

At home, I have one cat, Neko (named, by his previous owner, after the Japanese word for "cat") who is an avid snuggler while I study for my classes. As a member of the Class of 2016, I look forward to practicing small animal medicine after I graduate, with a special interest in feline medicine. I am so grateful for the opportunity to someday help as many cats as I can!

Open House Chair: Erin Binagia, 4VM

Erin B

I'm Erin Binagia, born and raised in Nederland, Texas. I did my BS. and MS. in Biology at Lamar where I also played for the women's soccer team all 4 years.
I've always been in love with animals, but although I hate to admit it, I used to think I didn't like cats! When I started working in the clinic (where cats become demons), I realized I just misunderstood them, and I began to respect them as they so deserve! Soon after that I brought in two foster kittens, and in my second year of vet school I adopted Siri, a beautiful kitten born in a barn and abandoned by her mom. She is truly my best friend, and every day is full of surprises. I also have two adopted bunnies (Penny and Cooper). I love all small animals and exotics, and I hope have a career working with all types of animals in the future.
In my free time I run long distances and play soccer. I also love to travel (especially Central America), and after my summer internship at the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic, I've decided I would love to retire in Belize and work with the wildlife.

4VM Representative: Lexy Kremenzky


I am originally from Houston, and I received my undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University. I have always had cats as pets, and they hold a special place in my heart! I find feline medicine and behavior very interesting, and I am happy to be part of an organization that highlights that field of veterinary medicine. I also grew up with dogs, and I love them as well, so when I graduate I would like to work with both species as a small animal practitioner. I currently have two kitties, Trigger and Meishka, and they share the house with my dog, Gracie. In my free time I LOVE to go fishing and relax at the beach (or the lake)!


3VM Representative: Joe Swartz


2VM Representative: Sarah Irving


I was raised in Orange, Texas with a great lap cat named Leonardo who taught me a lot about behavior of cats as they age. She lived to be 21 and our local veterinarian's compassion and desire to help Lenny and my family inspired me to become a veterinarian. I went to Texas A&M for my Biomedical Science degree and graduated in 2012. I studied abroad in Costa Rica to improve my Spanish and I love to travel. After graduation I worked for a year as a veterinary technician and I saw how few technicians understood cat behavior and the people who love them. I want to help my colleagues have a better understanding of this important section of small animal medicine. When I am not cuddling with the new kitten my room mate just brought home I love to knit, read, and walk in the park.

1VM Representative: Samantha Martinez

Samantha Martinez

I'm Samantha Martinez and I was born and raised in Harlingen, TX. I got my undergraduate degree in Animal Science from Texas Tech University. I actually grew up living in apartments so the only pets I have ever had were cats and birds! I currently have two cats and a parakeet in Harlingen: LuLu, Buttercup, and Juliet respectively, and another cat here in College Station with me named Abby. I have always had a profound love for cats and exotics and I'm hoping to go into research once I graduate from vet school.

Tech Officer: Tyler Cochran, 3VM