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The Texas A&M University Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists was formed in 2004, and at that time was officially recognized as both a student chapter of the ACVP and of Texas A&M University. We were also officially recognized as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in 2006.

Our organization strives to promote collegiality and professional development of both members and non-members through various programs as well as through relationships with other student chapters and the ACVP. We highly encourage veterinary student involvement in the field of veterinary pathology and provide invaluable opportunities for members to gain professional knowledge in this field.

Benefits of associate membership of our student chapter include:

  • Access to the online and hard copies of the top pathology journals (Veterinary Pathology, Toxicologic Pathology, and Veterinary Clinical Pathology).
  • The opportunity to attend the ACVP National Convention held in December each year. Registration is free for associate members.
  • Eligibility to have all or part of your expenses paid to attend the ACVP National Convention (**depends on current available travel funds).
  • The opportunity to attend SCACVP wet-labs, field trips, and other professional enhancement opportunities.
  • Eligibility to pursue a SCACVP officer position.

Other approved Student Chapters of the ACVP that we may come in contact with and/or exchange ideas with include: