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Meetings, Wet Labs, & Field Trips

Tentative Events for the 2014-2015 school year

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Dr. Washburn - Preventing and managing pain in food animals

Dr. Peycke - Treating orthopedic pain

Dr. Barton - Cancer pain and palliative care

Dr. Davidson - Principles of rehabilitation

Dr. Dodd - Pain management in dentistry

TBA - Creating a fear free and low anxiety veterinary hospital

Representatives from laser and shock wave therapy companies; pharmaceutical company representatives

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Wet Labs

Nerve blocks and epidurals wet lab

Canine rehabilitation wet lab

Laser and shock wave therapy

Field Trips

Myofascial trigger point wetlab with Dr. Rick Wall: We will take a field trip to Dr. Wall's clinic in The Woodlands to learn how to treat myofascial pain

Myofascial - spring 14 - 01 copy

Day trip to local, private animal chiropractor and acupuncturist

Previous Meeting Topics

Fall 2013:
Dr. Rebecca Sayre (TAMU) - Pain management in emergency situations (combined with SVECCS)
Dr. Dennis Caywood (Zoetis) - Managing canine osteoarthritis
Dr. Erin Dresner (Just Cats Veterinary Services) - Managing chronic pain in cats (combined with Feline Practitioners)
Dr. Tracy Norman (TAMU) - Ethical considerations and the evolution of pain management in vet med

Spring 2014:
Dr. Marcus Hutka (Equine Partners Veterinary Services) - Pain management in equine lameness, colic, and other conditions
Mr. Matt Long (Companion Therapy Laser) - Laser therapy
Dr. Gwendolyn Carroll (TAMU) - Acupuncture