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Spring 2015

Meeting Dates, Times, & Locations

Tuesday February 11th @ 12:00pm in Room 101

  • Joint meeting with Pain Managaement
  • Dr. Hoppes will be speaking about pain management in exotic animals, especially birds and reptiles.

Thursday February 26th @ 5:00pm in Room 101

  • Joint meeting with Equine Practitioners
  • Dr. Dickie Vest, the veterinarian for Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, will be speaking about externship and internship opportunities for students

Friday February 27th @12:00pm in Room 101

  • Lafeber sponsored meeting
  • Dr. Don Harris will be speaking about Avian Medicine

Monday March 23rd @ 12:00pm in Room 5

  • **** Officer Elections ****
  • Discussion about student membership for AAZV, AAV, AARV, AEMV, IAAAM and WDA

Thursday March 26th @ 12:00pm in room 101

  • Meeting Speaker: Dr. Pfent from OXbow will be speaking about Ferrets

Friday April 17th @ 5:15pm in Room 101

  • Joint meeting with SFT
  • Speaker is Dr. Todd Robeck from Sea World who will be discussing his work with reproduction in marine animals

Monday April 27th @ 12:00pm in room 101

  • Dual meeting with Radiology
  • Avian Meeting - Speaker: Dr. Scott Echols

ZEW Club Field Trip to San Antonio February 20th-21st

  • Saturday: Last Chance Forever Raptor Rehabilitation Center
  • Sunday: Texas State Aquarium

Open House ZEW ROOM

  • Contact Kim Doll if interested in helping with ZEW room for Open House
  • Date: Saturday April 25th


Zew Wetlab (PAST)

  • Reptile and Avian anatomy
  • Fish anesthesia
  • Ferret abdominal surgery
  • Small mammal dentistry
  • Avian Surgical techniques
  • Behavior/Husbandry lectures
  • Exotics Radiology
  • Marine mammal anatomy and physiology lecture
  • Reptile handling and restraint
  • AND MORE!!!