Enrollees at the center include dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even donkeys. We encourage prospective clients to visit the center and speak with an administrator to learn more about the program.

An enrollment fee* of $1,000 per small animal and $2,000 per large animal is due at the time of enrollment. The minimum endowment requirements vary depending upon the age of the youngest owner at the time of the enrollment. For specific information about enrollment, please contact an administrator at the center.  Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

*Enrollment fees are not considered a charitable gift for tax purposes.

View Minimum Required Endowment Information.

Due to our current limited space for large animals, the center staff recommended, and the Center Advisory Board approved, a temporary moratorium effective February 1, 2018, on large animal enrollments.  We are working with the college and the university to develop new and larger facilities and enrollment will be re-opened as soon as that is accomplished.

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You have no one to care for your beloved pet after you have passed on. This unique home for animals is dedicated to meeting that need. Your planned gift will assure excellent care for the life of your pet.

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