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Arrange an Appointment

Student Counseling Services CVM Office

Room 060 CVM/Med Sci Library Tunnel or
(979) 845-0806

How do I arrange an appointment?

Students can arrange an appointment via the SCS website, by phone, by email, or in person. To arrange an appointment by email, contact Lanice at If you would like to schedule in person, Lanice is available when her door is open and the “Welcome” sign is in place. You can also contact the main student counseling office to schedule, 979.845.4427, although they may refer you to Lanice directly for more appointment time options.

Another way to arrange an appointment is via the SCS website.

The online registration process verifies a student's current enrollment, explains confidentiality and its limits, and gathers information about your concerns. The information obtained is encrypted and secure. The last section of the online enrollment allows a student to select an initial appointment time, this section will look similar to the following image:

SCS Screenshot

Two sets of times are listed for initial appointments: one set is labeled "CVM/Med Sci Library Tunnel", the other is labeled "Cain Hall". If you wish to meet with Lanice, select a time that indicates “CVM/Med Sci Library Tunnel”. If you wish to receive services at Cain Hall with another counselor on main campus, you may select a time with the "Cain Hall" label. Be aware that selecting a time at one location will not reserve a time at the other.

If you would like to schedule at the CVM/Med Sci Library Tunnel with Lanice, and the current online options for appointments don’t fit your schedule, select that no appointment times work and email Lanice directly to schedule, .

If you schedule an appointment by phone, email or in person, you will be asked to complete the online registration before your first appointment so that you can be added to the scheduling system.