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BIMS Student Counseling

Please note: if you are a BIMS major and need academic advising, such as assistance in determining what courses to sign up for or help in determining how courses from another university will apply to your degree plan, you will be best served by contacting the BIMS Advising Office by phone at 979-845-4941 or via email at; more information about academic advising can be obtained at the BIMS Advising Office website:

Beginning in the summer of 2011 semester, the Student Counseling Service (SCS) satellite office located near the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) will be available to undergraduate students majoring in Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) within the CVM. This satellite office, located in the tunnel running between the Veterinary Medical Sciences Building and the Medical Sciences Library, is a collaboration between SCS and the Office of Professional Programs within the CVM. The SCS satellite office was created to make counseling services more readily accessible to students within the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, and this accessibility is now being extended to BIMS students.

As a part of continuing efforts to facilitate student access to counseling services, the CVM and SCS have agreed to offer counseling services through the satellite office to students in the BIMS program beginning in the summer of 2011. To find out more information about the services offered and how to utilize these services, please browse through the other sections of this webpage that address these topics. Alternatively, you may contact Dr. Bergeron via email or phone should you have any questions:
(979) 845-0806

Additionally, it should be noted that the counseling services being offered within the CVM are limited in availability. Given the total number of students in this college, it is possible there may not be sufficient space at a given time to accommodate all students interested in services. Therefore, it is possible that some students seeking to use services at this satellite office may have to wait, or students may be referred to the SCS office in Cain Hall on main campus or to practitioners in the community should they require more urgent care.