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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Final Semester

Final Semester This semester is off to a pretty good start. It’s my senior year so this is my last semester. I will be graduating in May. I’m so excited, but a little sad. The past three and a half years have been great! I have had so many wonderful memories. Believe people when they say time files, because it really does. During this last semester, I plan to make more memories and go to some of the places in College Station that I haven’t been before. This could potentially be my last semester here so I want to make the most of it. This semester is also a little stressful for me. I have applied to veterinary schools and now I’m just waiting to find out if I’m accepted. The application process is pretty long. I applied back in September and found out in December that I got interviews. Now, I should hopefully know within a month. It’s a little hard not knowing if I will still be at A&M next year, if I will be in a completely new state, or if I will even be accepted anywher... (Read More)

Stay on Top of Assignments

Stay on Top of Assignments As we get closer to Spring Break, the professors seem to really start cracking down. I went from a fairly leisurely second semester of third year (other than scheduling fourth year) to an incredibly hectic one! For all of you veterinary students or pre-vet students who will one day be veterinary students, keep this in mind—if it’s not tests, its homework! The past three years have mostly been filled with endless examinations testing our knowledge throughout vet school. “Did you learn enough information? Have you learned this yet? Are you retaining anything?!” Then second semester of third year comes around and you write all your tests down in your planner and find that you only have 10 including finals! Do you know how monumental that is? Well if you don’t, it’s huge. But for the past month to two months of this semester they have more than made up for that by drowning us in homework. SOAP cases every week, elective projects, elective homework, extra credit home... (Read More)

The Countdown

The Countdown They tell us at orientation that Vet School will go by “in the blink of an eye,” and I never really believed them. But now, as I enter the fifth week of my fourth semester of Vet School, I’m really beginning to notice how fast it all goes by! I’m only a second-year student, but soon enough I will be halfway done with my veterinary medical education, and into my third-year. As a third-year student, I will have opportunities to take electives that are geared towards my career path of mixed animal veterinary medicine. I always seem to find myself counting down to something, and this semester is no different with many exciting events coming up. This is the fifth week of class, which means that I’m already one-third of the way through this semester. There are also only five more weeks until Spring Break, when I’ll be going skiing with friends in Colorado. I’m involved in Vet School Open House as the Publicity Co-Executive, which is just over 50 days away. Some of m... (Read More)

Match Day

Match Day February 1st is always a significant day for pre-med students in Texas. For hopeful Texas medical school students, this day is known as Match Day and it is something that we look forward to with both excitement and anxiety. It’s on this day that we find out if we actually made it into medical school and where exactly we will be going for the next four years. As applicants, we begin work on our applications starting in May of the previous year and we spend the entire summer and fall waiting for and attending interview days at the various schools around Texas. I’m very grateful to say that on Match Day I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Class of 2021 at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston! As one can imagine, I’m very excited for this opportunity, but I’m also proud of how I got here. I came to Texas A&M as an undergraduate Biomedical Sciences major in the fall of 2013. I had my mind set—or so I thought—on becoming a veterinarian. By ... (Read More)

Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future Wow! I've finally reached the last semester of my college career. When they tell you, "the four years goes by in the blink of a eye,” listen, because it's definitely true. I remember my freshman year as if it was just yesterday. Now, I'm preparing to apply for dental school and to obtain my dental assistant license. I know 2017 will be my  year! I’ll graduate from Texas A&M and begin a new chapter of my life practicing dental assistant medicine.   As the semester gets going, I begin to realize how close I am to the finish line. I'm taking my final major science course, Physiology, which I know will be the most difficult course yet. However, I'm determined to finish strong. Over the past couple of semesters, I've improved my study strategies which resulted in a significant increase in my GPA.  Although I still did well in my freshman and sophomore courses, those grades weren't going to make me a competitive dental school applicant. I’... (Read More)

Third Year Responsibilities

Third Year Responsibilities It is the beginning of the spring semester and already I have learned more information than my brain can process in each 24-hour period and have spent more time in school than I have at home. With no summer break to look forward to and the forlorn feeling of having finished winter break; it’s hard not to already want to check out. However, every day that we learn new things that build off of my previous years’ knowledge, I begin to realize just how far I’ve come since first year and how much I’ve actually learned. It really is incredible to think about my undergraduate days long ago and how much I thought I knew about veterinary medicine versus today and how much I truly do know. While I’d like to say that retaining information and studying for tests are the only things I have to be worried about this semester, I would be lying to you. Third year is a special kind of stress—you have more hands-on time, more “out of class” time, less tests, and yet somehow—it is... (Read More)

One More Go

One More Go This is my last semester as an undergraduate BIMS major. It’s crazy how fast these past four years have gone. It’s funny how you always hear about how fast time flies by, but you never really believe it until you experience it yourself. One of the best aspects of being a BIMS ambassador is getting to speak to lower classmen and prospective students. I have always loved getting to talk to people and see why they want to come to Texas A&M or about why they chose BIMS as their major. I also try to give advice whenever I feel like I can help another student out. Last semester, I met a young freshman girl on the bus to the vet school. She was super nervous for her Intro to Histology class and was asking me advice on how to study, since I told her that I was a TA for that exact course for a year the year before. We said good-bye as I gave her my number in case she ever had more questions for me. This past week she texted me and asked me for advice on choosing c... (Read More)

Winter Break

Winter Break Happy end of the semester everyone! Hopefully, everyone did great on their finals. I know mine definitely had some room for improvement, but as we all prepare for the weeks of hopefully nothing, let's leave that in the past. No matter how you did, be sure to give yourself some credit for sticking it through. Now we're one semester closer to graduation! Whether that means one step closer to the “real world,” or one step closer to another educational program, it is still exciting. Every semester I say it was the fastest yet, and every semester this holds true. I don't know your specific plans for this winter break, but I wish the best to all of you. For myself, I know my Christmas will be filled with all the great smells, and foods the holiday times classically promise us. I can barely contain my excitement for the afternoons spent with family, rather than the afternoons spent with my poorly written notes. The only thing standing between me and a ... (Read More)

Reflections at the Semester’s End

Reflections at the Semester’s End Finals are just around the corner, and as crazy as it is to believe, I am going to miss this semester. Not only did I get to take difficult yet intriguing classes, such as anatomy and immunology, but I got to be involved in clubs and have leadership roles that stretched my abilities and caused me to grow. Going home for Thanksgiving, I realized how different my college life is from my home life, but it is for the better. Being home, I can feel myself getting into the rut of being the same person I was in high school. While this isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t the person that I am now after two and a half years of college. I have learned to build friendships and study until I feel like I will pass out, and being home doesn’t bring any of those characteristics out of me. I am thankful that I realized it now because it allows me to be thankful for the community that I have here in College Station and to best prepare to go home to something that is d... (Read More)

How Time Flies

How Time Flies Changing the calendar from November to December signifies two very important upcoming events in my life—final exams and family time! Only five finals and a 2,000-mile journey separate me from a month-long break back home in California. And like any eager and excited 1VM, you can be sure that I'll be packing my fancy stethoscope that Texas Veterinary Medical Association gifted each of us back in August at orientation! After all, there is a dog, horse, and two goats at home just waiting for me to practice my physical examination skills on them. But, don't go thinking that I'll be spending every waking moment of my break in veterinary student mode! In addition to "Proud 1VM," I acquired another special title this semester: maid of honor. My very best friend, who just so happens to also be my identical twin sister, recently became engaged while on vacation in Iceland! So, as one could imagine, I have all sorts of wedding planning to help with when ... (Read More)