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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Spaying and Clinic Rotations

Spaying and Clinic Rotations This week is the first of our surgeries for the area animal shelters. Because I have the position of surgeon this week in my group, I have been responsible for the daily care of our patient this week. We have been assigned a beautiful mixed breed female dog to spay tomorrow. My best guess is that she is a German Shepherd and Catahoula mix. We have also guessed that she is between 1.5 and 2 years old. Her kind, playful nature is a true testament to her innate trust of humans. Through all the hardship that she has endured in her life, she still has a positive happy outlook. I am nervous about performing the spay tomorrow. Although I know that I am fully prepared to perform the procedure, I am hopeful that it will go smoothly. I can't wait for her to recover and be ready for her new home. I am hopeful that a family will see the same beauty and caring eyes as I do, and that someone will show her that life can be better than she has ever experienced.... (Read More)

Vet Med Ambassadors Visit with Mascot at Open House

Vet Med Ambassadors Visit with Mascot at Open House Jaime and Sarah, two Vet Med Ambassadors, attended the open house for the new kitchen in the Small Animal Hospital donated by Nestle PURINA PetCare today. They both ran into Reveille, the mascot for Texas A&M University and a patient of the Small Animal Clinic, and her primary caretaker, Cody Guffey. Jaime and Sarah were both amazed at the improvement the small animal kitchen has experienced over the past couple of months as they know the need for proper nutrition is vital in any patient's successful recovery. (Read More)

Bearcats 101

Bearcats 101 Do you know what a bearcat is? Of course you do. I, on the other hand, had absolutely no idea before I went to pathology rounds last week. Allow me to paint a picture for you; pathology rounds consist of six 4th year veterinary students, six DVM clinical residents training to become board certified pathologists, multiple already-board certified pathologists, various instructors and fellow classmates in a big, cold room geared up for a fast-paced Q&A case-study session over the cause and nature of disease - slightly intimidating to say the least. All veterinary students are encouraged to join, and I am currently taking pathology, so I decided I'd go and listen, keep my mouth shut and learn a few things…it would be great! An interesting case comes in and a 4th year student begins her presentation, "A female bearcat came into the hospital this weekend for…" She loses me. Excuse me, did you say Bear Cat? She finishes and presents an abnormally ... (Read More)

A Friday in the Life (and Mind) of a Vet Student a.k.a An Adrenaline Junkies Paradise

A Friday in the Life (and Mind) of a Vet Student a.k.a An Adrenaline Junkies Paradise 12:00 am:  Lying wide awake in bed.  Can't fall asleep.  Thoughts of tests, homework, horse shows, and Aggie football keep my mind racing.  Can't believe the Aggies lost to OSU.  Give in.  Get up.  Start cleaning the apartment and packing my bag for the weekend.  Judging a horse show on Saturday.  My personal escape from school and Aggie football. 1:00 am:  Finally feeling tired.  Fall into bed. 6:30 am:  Alarm goes off.  Get up.  Pull out pharmacology and finish the readings.  Test looming on Monday, midterms the week after, 2 horse shows in between. 8:30 am:  Just saw the clock.  Class starts in 30 minutes.  Close the books.  Shave and dress in a hurry.  Drive to school. 9:00 am:  50 minutes of clinical correlates.  Learning about physical exams on birds, lizards, and snakes.  "To perform an oral exam on a snake grab the b... (Read More)