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Sounds of Laughter, Shades of Life

Exciting times are upon us in Aggieland! Texas A&M beat Nebraska, Harry and the gang are casting spells again, and 4th year veterinary students are currently taking the most important test of their veterinary lives - the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination. Good luck, 4VMs!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Class of 2013 will have its 2nd annual Thanksgiving Feast at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Students volunteer to bring delicious homemade sides, mouth-watering store-bought cranberry jelly, a healthy assortment of pies, cheesecake, turkey, and ham to share with fellow students and faculty while we enjoy each other's company and fellowship. I love my class!

Furthermore, future veterinary students are in the process of interviewing for the chance of a lifetime. I can still recall how indescribably anxious I was walking up the stairs in the Medical Sciences Library as I nervously mumbled, "Hi, uh, I'm here for my vet school interview." Patiently waiting for my interview panel to call me into the room, I vividly remember my sweaty palms and racing heart rate. Sadly, my most memorable thoughts also include, "Are they going to hate my beard? Maybe I should shave right now. Where can I find a razor in this library? Wait, what if I cut myself? That'd be embarrassing. They're going to hate my beard. I'll never get into vet school." Fortunately, I talked myself out of apologizing for my facial hair as I took my seat.

To interviewing veterinary students - remember to breathe. On the day of your interview, while you mousse your hair up extra nice and devour a few more Tic-Tacs, take a second to look back on everything you've accomplished thus far: the countless volunteer hours at the clinic, the frustration and tears that fell on your biochemistry textbook, the sinking feeling in your gut, then sigh of relief when you realized you'd been offered the interview of your dreams. You're more prepared for this interview than you could imagine.

Forget reading "sample" interview questions online; more importantly, spend that time reflecting on your life and find the true reason why you have chosen to pursue veterinary medicine. Scripted answers and cookie-cutter responses will never give you the justice you deserve. Your story, your thoughts, your journey will set you apart from every other applicant. Good luck, Class of 2015!