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Time for a Break

Well, final exams are finished!!!!  It's weird, but this semester just flew by.  One minute it was August and I was excited about clinics and performing my first surgery, and the next minute I was studying for finals and trying to remember an entire semester's worth of large animal medicine and radiology, with a smattering of small animal medicine for good measure.  All-in-all, I think it went pretty well.

Now it's time for a "break."  By break, I mean going home for the next month to try and work as many hours as I can and see my family and friends in between shifts.  It's a break from school and a foray back into the real world.  I will be at a local emergency clinic working mostly the overnight shifts, weekends, and holidays. I hope to learn a lot from my experiences in the EC - working there will allow me to see cases that are more unusual and time-intensive and it will also allow me to practice my technician skills.

I have always found it interesting how clinics can operate so differently.  Over the last 9 years, I have worked at four different clinics (by the way, when applying to vet school, they love to see that you have worked at more than one clinic, it guarantees you a more varied experience).  At some clinics, the doctor does almost all of the work, and the technicians are there as support for the veterinarian.  These are the clinics I worked at for most of my technician career.  The veterinarian places the catheters, gives injections, examines and rechecks the patients, etc.  I learned a lot about diagnosing and managing cases, I assisted with many different surgeries and dentals, and I even learned about how to run a business.  But here, at the emergency hospital, the technicians are the backbone of the clinic.  We perform regular physical examinations, administer medications and injections, and perform most of the rescue care.  The doctors are always present, but they act more as supervisors unless something that requires a DVM needs to be done.  I have learned so many "simple" things - skills that I had never had the chance to learn or practice.  Also, at the emergency clinic I work under several different veterinarians, sometimes within the same day!  Even though the process of learning the different personalities and preferences can take a while, I really enjoy working with so many people and getting to know them.

I know that this break will go much faster then I'd like it to.  Between work, family and friends, my schedule is full.  January 10th and a new school semester is right around the corner, and I plan on enjoying my break until then. ;)

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!