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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Monthly Archives: October 2011


BatGirl I feel as if I have reached a milestone in my veterinary training.  Last week, I successfully completed my first dog spay.  There were many classes and much training leading up to this point, including an introduction to anesthesia and surgery course last year and our current junior surgery course.  In addition to watching countless numbers of spays and neuters while previously working at an animal shelter, I had assumed this would be no big deal.  I had a team of two other classmates, one working anesthesia, and one as a surgery assistant. I also had several professors and technicians as guides during the entire procedure. I entered the surgery suite feeling totally prepared, but there is still the nervousness that comes from the life of another creature being in your hands.  This was not just any patient for me, but one I had gotten to know pretty well over the previous week.  The dogs and cats we spayed last wee... (Read More)

It's Game Time!

It's Game Time! When people ask me how I spend my time as a veterinary student, my go-to answer is usually "Studying!" But inevitably, there comes a time during the semester when you've just gotten past a whole bunch of tests, or you just want a break from studying, and you're left with some time on your hands. The question then becomes, "what am I supposed to do with all this time?"  Some people spend this gift of time exercising, some people just stay at home, others go out with friends…me, I love to go to A&M football games! As an undergrad, my school's athletic program was respectable, but nothing like Kyle Field on a game day. Growing up, I'd always watch college football with my dad, cheering for our favorite teams. I always wished that I could go to games like the ones on TV; the ones with thousands and thousands of fans, tailgates, and so much school spirit that you could smell it in the air. I never had that, at least until I went to my first A&... (Read More)

Calm in the Vet School

Calm in the Vet School Well, this week there is a calm, almost a relaxed feeling throughout most of the school. The first, second, and third year classes have all made it through their weeks full of midterm exams, and now we have a moment to breathe. Many of my classmates, and myself, have finally been able to watch those TV shows we have on the DVR, or catch up with those friends we've ignored for two weeks. As I sit in the computer lab typing this blog, I can hear classmates around me enjoying silly websites and facebook… things we haven't allowed ourselves to enjoy in the weeks leading up to midterms. The previous couple of weeks have been stressful, and difficult to power through, but we have made it, and there is visible relief and joy on every students face. We are so grateful to have this time to remember that we do enjoy vet school, we enjoy each other's company and we really are living the dream. This week is the only true week that we have a break in s... (Read More)

Vet School Family

Vet School Family Ah, yes, midterms.  Anna wrote about them last week before they truly began, so now that they are over and I've had a weekend to reflect, here's what I learned (or what I knew but had reinforced): my class is my family.  I would not have survived midterms (or first year) without my classmates to help me prepare, get through and recover. They're there to listen when you need to complain about studying, and to motivate you when things get tough.  Sure, I have my real family and my friends outside of vet school, but they can only help up to a point.  Not to mention that my non-vet friends and family don't necessarily want to hear about the pig parasites I have to study or how difficult the dissection was this week.  The 130 people I see everyday know exactly what I'm going through because they're going through it too.  It's not even just the emotional support that this incredible network provides.  Many of my awe... (Read More)


Midterms For some odd reason, the second year veterinary curriculum reintroduces the midterm concept.  I can't remember the last time I heard a test called a midterm.  It just seems so much more…. foreboding and cumbersome.  To make it more fun, our three midterms/ exams/ whatever you want to call them, are back-to-back this week.  Just like final exams, except we still have to go to class and lab every day.  So, tonight as I sit right in the middle of my study marathon (yes, believe it or not, I studied all day Saturday and Sunday), I decided I needed to look at the bright side of midterms.  Honestly, as I attempted to study three different subjects at once today, the bright side wasn't too hard to find. It's integration.  It's the culmination of years of education that have led us to the point where all knowledge finally starts to mesh.  All day I had those "ooooo that's why I had to learn that" moments where im... (Read More)

Interesting Outcomes

Interesting Outcomes Hello all!  Well the first round of exams is now over and I'm looking towards the second round starting… NEXT WEEK! But these past few weeks have been interesting.  I am learning so much - how the body works, how big of a difference those tiny little details make.  And excitingly enough, I'm starting to learn how all of these things are "clinically applicable", meaning, how can I apply this to a real life situation.  I'm starting to learn why my instructors have been teaching me critical thinking skills for several years, and now I'm finally seeing a peek of what my life as a physician will be like! I'm learning the importance of piecing every little detail together to conclude with a diagnosis that could possibly change somebody's life.   On a different note, the other day I was reading this article about a mother tiger giving birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs, and due to complications of the pregnancy, the cu... (Read More)

Setting Goals

Setting Goals Howdy! My name is Tess and I am so happy to be a veterinary student! Life is good. My ultimate life goal has always been to become a veterinarian. I wrote "class of 2013" in highlighter above my desk to keep me motivated. I cannot express to you how excited I was the day I received my acceptance letter. However, once I started vet school I fell into a goal slump. Other than obviously to graduate from vet school, I didn't have any real goals set. Huge mistake! I can't stress how important it is to always have a goal in your life. It needs to be something that is challenging but realistic. Once you set this new goal, hold yourself accountable by telling your friends and family about it. I know for a fact many people thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted to go to vet school. All I heard was, "Oh, isn't that harder than med school?" and "what's your backup plan?" However, having a goal and a "plan of attack" helped me to make it happen. If you... (Read More)

Southwest Veterinary Symposium

Southwest Veterinary Symposium This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Southwest Veterinary Symposium (SWVS) in San Antonio, Texas. After a demanding week of clinical pathology case write-ups, preparing for surgery and pig-wrangling, a few classmates and I made our way south for a weekend of networking, learning, and relaxing with our future colleagues. My friends and I agreed we were in desperate need of a weekend away from College Station. What better way to spend that weekend than on the Riverwalk, enjoying a surplus of authentic Mexican food? Like a flashback to elementary school, the bell rang on Friday afternoon and we were out of there! SWVS is a unique partnership among fellow state veterinary medical associations and sponsors. Veterinary associations from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee host this annual symposium each fall to enrich the veterinary profession with continuing education cours... (Read More)