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Interesting Outcomes

Hello all!  Well the first round of exams is now over and I'm looking towards the second round starting… NEXT WEEK! But these past few weeks have been interesting.  I am learning so much - how the body works, how big of a difference those tiny little details make.  And excitingly enough, I'm starting to learn how all of these things are "clinically applicable", meaning, how can I apply this to a real life situation.  I'm starting to learn why my instructors have been teaching me critical thinking skills for several years, and now I'm finally seeing a peek of what my life as a physician will be like! I'm learning the importance of piecing every little detail together to conclude with a diagnosis that could possibly change somebody's life.  

On a different note, the other day I was reading this article about a mother tiger giving birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs, and due to complications of the pregnancy, the cubs didn't make it.  After the tigress's recovery, her health was declining due to depression of losing her cubs (yes, other animals can suffer with depression as well, who knew?).  The veterinarians decided to use her as a "surrogate mother" to see if maybe they could shake her of her sadness.  They quickly found a litter of orphaned piglets.  The doctors figured that the mother tiger had no children, and the baby piggies had no mother, so the most logical thing to do was to put the two together.  After making "pigs in a blanket" with real piglets instead of sausages, and tiger skin in place of the croissant bread, the tiger mother and 5 baby pigs were introduced and quickly became very fond of each other.  The article even stated that at one point, the mother tiger even nursed the piglets!

This article is a wonderful example of how truly remarkable animals really are!  How two species that are completely unalike in every way can come together and love each other as family.  It's miracles like this that make me hopeful for the human species.  This truly shows how we can make two sad and terrible situations into a positive outcome!

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