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Vet School Family

Ah, yes, midterms.  Anna wrote about them last week before they truly began, so now that they are over and I've had a weekend to reflect, here's what I learned (or what I knew but had reinforced): my class is my family.  I would not have survived midterms (or first year) without my classmates to help me prepare, get through and recover. They're there to listen when you need to complain about studying, and to motivate you when things get tough.  Sure, I have my real family and my friends outside of vet school, but they can only help up to a point.  Not to mention that my non-vet friends and family don't necessarily want to hear about the pig parasites I have to study or how difficult the dissection was this week.  The 130 people I see everyday know exactly what I'm going through because they're going through it too. 

It's not even just the emotional support that this incredible network provides.  Many of my awesome classmates send out reviews and charts that are indescribably helpful, especially when it's the weekend before midterms and you start to have a panic attack because you're looking at the stack of lecture notes you haven't even looked at and you start thinking, "Oh my God, how am I going to get through all these study questions and make flash cards and have time to actually study it?!"  And then you check your email and some kind, well-prepared soul has sent the class an outline to the notes or a link to online flash cards.  Because we are all in this together, everyone is willing to help out, whether it's explaining a difficult concept to a study partner or simply reminding someone the homework's due tomorrow.

Then there are the third-years who, like older siblings that have already seen it all, take pity on us.   They send us their notes and charts from the year before.  They give us advice about what to study most and what the tests will be like.  They even brought us coffee the morning of our last midterm.

And finally midterms are over and who do you celebrate with?  Your classmates.  You sigh one huge, unanimous sigh and know that you survived.  It's a pretty unique feeling to share the same goals and the same daily life with 130 different people.  We spend so much time together and have so much in common that bonding is inevitable.   It's nice to know that when I'm stressed out from school, there's a lecture hall full of people who understand and who can make me see the bright side.