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Calm in the Vet School

Well, this week there is a calm, almost a relaxed feeling throughout most of the school. The first, second, and third year classes have all made it through their weeks full of midterm exams, and now we have a moment to breathe. Many of my classmates, and myself, have finally been able to watch those TV shows we have on the DVR, or catch up with those friends we've ignored for two weeks. As I sit in the computer lab typing this blog, I can hear classmates around me enjoying silly websites and facebook… things we haven't allowed ourselves to enjoy in the weeks leading up to midterms. The previous couple of weeks have been stressful, and difficult to power through, but we have made it, and there is visible relief and joy on every students face. We are so grateful to have this time to remember that we do enjoy vet school, we enjoy each other's company and we really are living the dream. This week is the only true week that we have a break in school, the only week that we can sit back and relax before we have to get back to the books. The students can feel the Holidays almost upon us, and the school is full of anticipation. It may only be October, but the vet school is poised and ready for the Holidays to be here, at least I know the students of the second year vet school class are! We are past the midpoint of the semester, now we just look forward to Holidays and a downhill slide through the second half of the semester. Don't get me wrong, this downhill slide will have plenty of studying and hard work as we prepare for our last exams and of course, finals. Soon we will all be back in the fight of exams, studying and trying to make everything stick in our brains. We will be trying to manage our time as we prepare for four finals in four days that first week of December. But, for now we can breathe and think of nothing but the wonderful fall weather that is finally upon us. For now we relax, and all around us we feel the calm before the storm of finals, we take the deep breath before the plunge.