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It's Game Time!

When people ask me how I spend my time as a veterinary student, my go-to answer is usually "Studying!" But inevitably, there comes a time during the semester when you've just gotten past a whole bunch of tests, or you just want a break from studying, and you're left with some time on your hands. The question then becomes, "what am I supposed to do with all this time?"  Some people spend this gift of time exercising, some people just stay at home, others go out with friends…me, I love to go to A&M football games! As an undergrad, my school's athletic program was respectable, but nothing like Kyle Field on a game day. Growing up, I'd always watch college football with my dad, cheering for our favorite teams. I always wished that I could go to games like the ones on TV; the ones with thousands and thousands of fans, tailgates, and so much school spirit that you could smell it in the air. I never had that, at least until I went to my first A&M football game.

Some kids go to their first A&M game when they're too young to even understand what's going on. Not a problem for me! My first game was this season's opener, Texas A&M vs. SMU. I was so excited for days before hand, and when game day finally arrived, I was ready! Walking up to the stadium, there were so many people it was just incredible. I had never even seen a tailgate before, but even if I had, it wouldn't have mattered. All of the tents, games, and food - walking by it was like going to a fair. Finally I got to the tailgate I was attending, and it was so much fun! Before I knew it, gametime had arrived, and we raced off to the field to get to our seats.

As an A&M newbie, I had no idea how many traditions were built into every A&M homegame. From all the hand signals to standing up during the entire game, I was in for a crash course in A&Misms.  But even when you're not quite sure what's going on, or have no clue what the words are to every A&M song, it's still such an exciting experience. By the end of the game, I felt so much more like a part of Aggieland! We won, of course, which made the experience all the better!

So even when studying gets to taking up more and more time, I always have game days to take a break! Every vet student spends his or her free time differently, but for me, nothing beats the gridiron! Gig em' Ags!