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Setting Goals

Howdy! My name is Tess and I am so happy to be a veterinary student! Life is good. My ultimate life goal has always been to become a veterinarian. I wrote "class of 2013" in highlighter above my desk to keep me motivated. I cannot express to you how excited I was the day I received my acceptance letter. However, once I started vet school I fell into a goal slump. Other than obviously to graduate from vet school, I didn't have any real goals set. Huge mistake! I can't stress how important it is to always have a goal in your life. It needs to be something that is challenging but realistic. Once you set this new goal, hold yourself accountable by telling your friends and family about it. I know for a fact many people thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted to go to vet school. All I heard was, "Oh, isn't that harder than med school?" and "what's your backup plan?" However, having a goal and a "plan of attack" helped me to make it happen. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, break it down into smaller goals and check them off as you go.

At the end of my first year of vet school I decided I wanted to start long distance running. My Dad, who is my inspiration, ran the Houston Marathon when I was just a little munchkin. If a 30-something with three kids and a demanding job can do it, so can I! I set the 2010 Fort Worth Half Marathon as my new goal. They must put something in the water at running races because it didn't take long for me to become completely hooked! Since then I have run in two other half marathons and set the ultimate goal: the San Antonio Marathon.

Registering for a race is the ultimate form of motivation. (Accountability!) I started my 18-week training program this summer. The Texas heat was not easy to train in, but I pushed through. This weekend, I ran 18 miles. Yikes! Only 6 more weeks to go before the big race. Running has taught me so much about discipline, resilience, and having "guts." I have been told that when you're having a bad day and don't want to run, just go for a run "around the block." Who knows… it might turn into something more.