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Think Like a Veterinarian

As my third semester winds down, I  am starting to feel like I'm beginning to think like a veterinarian.  Concepts in my classes are coming together and I am beginning to see the big picture instead of numerous, isolated facts.  The classroom is undeniably an important part of my education, but I have learned a lot outside the classroom this semester.  Earlier this month, I was able to spend a weekend learning about leadership with vet students, faculty, industry representatives, and leaders within the Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA).  It was an awesome time where we got to put aside the books and work on something more important, ourselves.  Sure you can be a genius and book smart, but if you can't connect with other people and communicate- how can you be a leader and succeed in your future career?  Thankfully, A & M's faculty has taken an active role in ensuring all veterinary students have the chance to build leadership and people skills before graduation.  They took this a step further through hosting the Veterinary Leadership Experience team from Washington State and allowing any interested students to attend for free, thanks to some awesome sponsors.

Throughout the weekend, we were able to break into small groups and connect with both faculty leaders and students.  Through sharing our stories, we all learned an important lesson in communication and realized we all have personal struggles.  We also learned the importance of teamwork and focused on how to apply these concepts in our workplaces.  In the end, the two most important concepts I took home with me were "servant leadership" and "comparison is the thief of joy".  "Servant leadership" reminds me to put others first and to find ways to lift others up so they can succeed.  "Comparison is the thief of joy" reminds me to simply do my best and be satisfied in knowing I gave it my all.  I am excited to see emphasis and time spent on developing students as leaders in our curriculum.  I am already planning on attending the Veterinary Leadership Experience next year and encourage all students, future and present, to check it out.  This event is just another example of what makes Texas A & M a truly great place to start a career.