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Lessons of a Break

Merry Christmas (a few days late) and Happy New Year (a few days early)!!! This time of year is a favorite for students, a time when we can sit at home and enjoy some textbook free days! It is good for us to get away, and visit with our families. As vet students we spend so much of our time engrossed in our studies, I know many of us (me included) neglect to make time for friends and family the way we should. The Christmas Season always reminds me of the importance of the people in my life, without them I wouldn't be where I am today, and even when I don't keep in touch with them like I should they always support me now. As we move into a brand new year it is time to look at all that we have accomplished over the past year and remember how far we have come! The first year students have completed their first semester of vet school, second year students survived a vigorous semester of parasites and pharmaceuticals, third years are now one semester away from clinics, and the fourth years have completed their board exams and are one semester away from officially being a DVM! It has been a big year for all of the students roaming the halls of the vet school, and now the classrooms stand empty for a few more weeks, anticipating our return to continue our journey of learning. The clinics are running as they normally do, with fourth year students working hard through the holidays to cram in all of the experience they can before they are cut loose into the world of veterinary medicine. With two weeks left in our Christmas break, I return to the thoughts of the important people in my life. While my schooling is very important to me, I am being reminded that there is nothing more important than friends and family. So, as a new year is about to begin, I will resolve to be there for them and be a bigger part in their lives. I also resolve to enjoy every minute of life as it happens, because as I said at Thanksgiving time, we are so very lucky to be here living our dreams! Our dreams cannot be taken away from us, and we are so very blessed to be living this life… Enjoy it, live it, love it!

On behalf of the TAMU Vet Med Ambassador team I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!