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Study Buddies

Finals - that one word elicits a host of negative thoughts. The all-nighters, caffeine overload, and high stakes can add up to be a recipe for disaster. Luckily for Texas A&M students the libraries are offering some really neat stress relievers including free hot chocolate, chair massages and, new this year, therapy pets acting as "study buddies".

Aggieland Pets With A Purpose (APWAP) is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides trained animals for educational, rehabilitative and emotional assistance purposes.  They volunteer in elementary schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, hospice, and other locations helping the community through their animals.

I have been lucky enough to participate in this organization as an associate member. I don't currently have a pet but am able to help members who do have an animal, especially those who have more than one. It has been a very rewarding experience working with special needs elementary children - their faces light up when they see the animals! Helping them to interact with the animals, whether it's through petting, brushing, or even giving treats can positively impact their life. It can help improve their motor skills, increase self-esteem, foster learning and simply make life more enjoyable.

 So for the first time APWAP animals will be available at the libraries for students to pet and play with- an activity proven to have stress-reducing benefits. So come by and visit me, Dexter and Daschle for a study break! We will have pets on December 8, 12, and 13 from 5-7 p.m. at Evans Library and from 6-7:30 p.m. at the West Campus Library and the Medical Sciences Library. Hope to see you there!

For more information about Aggieland Pets With A Purpose please visit

dexter and daschle for Blog 3From left to right: Daschle & Dexter