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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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See Spot. See Spot Scratch…

See Spot. See Spot Scratch… Last week, any hour that I was not sitting in class, I found myself isolated at my desk in my bedroom. On Wednesday evening, I was studying small animal dermatology (for one of my two tests that week). As I was repeating the four types of feline allergy/pruritus reaction patterns, I heard the jingling of my dog's collar as he scratched his face with his back leg. This is a common noise that usually doesn't alarm me; however, that night I happened to be studying dermatology. You see, as vet students, we have an awful habit of projecting whatever conditions we're learning about onto our animals. I actually heard from a doctor at the student health center that med students become hypochondriacs too, but that's a different story… As I listened to the jangle of the tags on Wheeler's collar, I thought to myself, "Why is my dog so itchy?" The longer the noise continued, the further my thought process progressed. "My dog has to be pruritic (itchy) for ... (Read More)