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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Unexpected, Unexcused Absence

Unexpected, Unexcused Absence If you've never had the opportunity, no, privilege, to work with goats, I highly recommend doing so. For the past couple of weeks, the 2nd year students are becoming acclimated with anesthesiology in ruminant species. In order to properly anesthetize and monitor a goat, one must first learn to rodeo the goat. These goats have attitudes. If you don't believe me, ask my fellow classmate who, while leaning forward to give his goat friend a warm, goat-hug, received a horn to the face, instead. If the attitude and horns aren't enough, toss in some lice and simultaneous, ear-piercing bleating from 15 goats in a small, basement room. I know what you're thinking, "Jaime, I thought you said it was a privilege to work with goats? Why should I get goat experience on my vet application if I might get a horn to the face?" As with any animal we work with, there will be dangers. Yes, even with "Princess" the 5 lb. Chihuahua. However, after the goat settles down... (Read More)

I Feel Old….

I Feel Old…. I feel old.  I know, I know.  Everyone out there is thinking, what in the world is this guy talking about?  He is only 24-years-old, and he is complaining about being old.  He is not even halfway through his twenties with many, many years ahead of him.  Why would he complain about being old?  Someday he would love to be back in his twenties again.  What's up with that? (Any SNL fans out there?)  That is unless you are in high school like my sister, then I do seem old.  But I digress. Originally, I had planned on discussing life outside of vet school.  Yes I try to have a life outside of the confines and tests of second year (operative word in this sentence being try).  I was going to discuss how my wife and I never miss a home Aggie basketball game (the Ags have won 4 straight, Whoop!), or how we had a lovely Valentine's Day picnic at the pond by the Bush '41 Library.  But then I made ... (Read More)

See Spot. See Spot Scratch…

See Spot. See Spot Scratch… Last week, any hour that I was not sitting in class, I found myself isolated at my desk in my bedroom. On Wednesday evening, I was studying small animal dermatology (for one of my two tests that week). As I was repeating the four types of feline allergy/pruritus reaction patterns, I heard the jingling of my dog's collar as he scratched his face with his back leg. This is a common noise that usually doesn't alarm me; however, that night I happened to be studying dermatology. You see, as vet students, we have an awful habit of projecting whatever conditions we're learning about onto our animals. I actually heard from a doctor at the student health center that med students become hypochondriacs too, but that's a different story… As I listened to the jangle of the tags on Wheeler's collar, I thought to myself, "Why is my dog so itchy?" The longer the noise continued, the further my thought process progressed. "My dog has to be pruritic (itchy) for ... (Read More)

Electives, Electives Everywhere. Which Ones Are YOU Going To Take

Electives, Electives Everywhere.  Which Ones Are YOU Going To Take There comes a time in every person's life when it is time to figure out your path in life and just stick to it.  … Right?  Well, sometimes.  I am the kind of person who has a general idea of what I want to be when I grow up, and then I play the rest by ear.  I have a goal - "Plan A" - I want to become a board certified zoo veterinarian and then later go into a private practice or an academic setting.  But if circumstances change, I have a "Plan B," "Plan C," and "Plan Z."  It's just a good idea. But right now, I get to play and explore the many avenues of veterinary medicine.  I am a third year student; I finally reached the point where I can choose my electives.  As third year students, we are required to take a minimum of 14 hours of electives, spread throughout the year.  Most electives are worth one or two hours of course credit.  I just couldn't help myself, so I signed up for 18 hours.&nbs... (Read More)

The Roles of Veterinarians

The Roles of Veterinarians What made you passionate about veterinary medicine?  What made you want to become a veterinarian?  For most of us, our love of the profession probably started with our encounters with our hometown veterinarians - the first time you brought your new puppy or kitten in for its first physical exam, talking with the vet that came to float your horses' teeth or help with your cattle, or working in high school or college as a kennel caretaker or vet tech. But a veterinarian is more than an animal doctor.  In towns all across Texas, veterinarians play a critical role in the community as public health officers, leaders, animal welfare advocates, emergency response officials, and more.  At A&M, we're trained not only in diagnosing and treating disease in our patients, but also in public health, zoonotic disease, business development, and disaster planning.  Did you know that your average veterinarian has probably received mo... (Read More)