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Student Perspectives
The Student Perspectives blog is a fresh and realistic snapshot of the life of veterinary medical and biomedical science students.
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Monthly Archives: March 2011

It’s all about the journey…

It’s all about the journey… So we're one week back into school after spring break, and unfortunately the novelty of school being back has already worn off. Thank goodness I have memories of a fantastic last spring break (as a fourth year student, some of us have to work the spring break holiday next year) to help me through the tests and projects that seem to have plagued us this week... So my roommates and I, wanting a change of pace from the usual beach-driven spring break, decided to plan a road trip out west. After much deliberation (I think it took us about an hour), we decided to visit one of the greatest wonders that America has to offer: The Grand Canyon. We thought that driving across three states and camping would help get our minds off of vet school; however, I found that easier said than done. So after excessive planning of our route and packing, we started our two day drive toward the Grand Canyon. The drive included, in true spring break fashion, listening... (Read More)

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Another round of blogging is here and Spring Break has just ended.  Since I didn't go home and work, I am sitting here trying to figure out what to write about.  After a few minutes of thinking, I've decided to write about something I'm interested in, and its implications in veterinary medicine. I have always been interested in helping both people and animals.  This past fall, I took an elective course on Emergency Response and Disaster Management, and I learned about the integral part a veterinarian can play in disaster planning.  I was so intrigued by this topic, I decided to resume my Master's program (yes, I am crazy being dual-enrolled in vet school) and finish my studies learning about disaster prevention and management.  Right now, I am taking a break from writing my paper on this topic to write this blog. Veterinarians are instrumental in the development of emergency planning.  Certain aspects need to be ... (Read More)

Ahh, spring break. For us third years, this is our last one – fourth year and graduation are finally in sight. (WHOOP!)

Ahh, spring break.  For us third years, this is our last one – fourth year and graduation are finally in sight.  (WHOOP!) However, spring break is also traditionally the time of year that the current applicants get their letters, and hearing from another group of friends always makes me remember the weeks leading up to getting my own letter four years ago.  Starting in late February, I, who never checked the mail in our apartment, started checking at least once a day - including Sundays, just in case.  It was the favorite topic of just about every class time conversation - "Have you gotten your letter yet?" "No, not yet.  You?" "I heard they were mailing them this week, though…"  (I swear I heard that someone's friend's cousin's roommate who worked in the dean's office mailed them at least half a dozen times between February and March.)  The week before spring break, I got two phone calls from friends saying they were in.  All the rest of us waited anxiously.  I probably started checking the mail twice a day at that point.  The... (Read More)

My Best Friend’s Wedding!

My Best Friend’s Wedding! Vet school is definitely a precarious place for relationships.  The thirty to forty hours per week spent in class followed by the hours of studying required once you finally get home in the evenings puts a huge strain on all your relationships. Besides the students, the individuals most greatly affected are definitely their husbands and wives. When you enter vet school with a husband, wife, or significant other they are almost enrolling with you. Their dedication to support, to encourage, and to understand the requirement of time and money required for completion of the program is essential to maintaining the relationship through the four years until graduation. When I began the program, my then boyfriend and I had been dating for 3 years. He knew from the beginning of our relationship that vet school was going to be part of the deal. Even with that understanding, we definitely had some bumps in the road in figuring out how to balance b... (Read More)