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Ahh, spring break. For us third years, this is our last one – fourth year and graduation are finally in sight. (WHOOP!)

However, spring break is also traditionally the time of year that the current applicants get their letters, and hearing from another group of friends always makes me remember the weeks leading up to getting my own letter four years ago.  Starting in late February, I, who never checked the mail in our apartment, started checking at least once a day - including Sundays, just in case.  It was the favorite topic of just about every class time conversation - "Have you gotten your letter yet?" "No, not yet.  You?" "I heard they were mailing them this week, though…"  (I swear I heard that someone's friend's cousin's roommate who worked in the dean's office mailed them at least half a dozen times between February and March.)  The week before spring break, I got two phone calls from friends saying they were in.  All the rest of us waited anxiously.  I probably started checking the mail twice a day at that point.  The weekend before spring break, still no letter, and I was out of town for a polo tournament.  I got another phone call with good news.  The drive back from Fort Worth seemed to take a year and unloading the horses and trailers took at least a decade, but finally I was heading back to my apartment.  I dashed down to the mailbox, opened the door - and there it was.  I was so excited.  I don't even remember much of the rest of the day - the drive home, the celebration with family and friends - I was just so happy.

So, to all of you who will be a part of the CVM class of 2015, congratulations!  I hope the day you got your letter was just as special, and that you have plenty of time to celebrate this week.  Enjoy it - you've worked hard and earned it - and remember it, especially during your first year finals when you're tired and stressed from studying.  It's worth it!

For those of you who didn't get the letter you wanted - don't give up! If this is truly what you want to do, you CAN do it!  Yes, it will take a little more effort.  Yes, the road is longer.  But if at the end of the day you'd rather be a vet than anything else in the world, then an extra year or two is worth it for a lifetime of a career that you love.  Remember that the day you get your letter will be even more euphoric because of all the hard work you've put in.

Good luck, and have a great spring break!