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It’s all about the journey…

So we're one week back into school after spring break, and unfortunately the novelty of school being back has already worn off. Thank goodness I have memories of a fantastic last spring break (as a fourth year student, some of us have to work the spring break holiday next year) to help me through the tests and projects that seem to have plagued us this week...

So my roommates and I, wanting a change of pace from the usual beach-driven spring break, decided to plan a road trip out west. After much deliberation (I think it took us about an hour), we decided to visit one of the greatest wonders that America has to offer: The Grand Canyon. We thought that driving across three states and camping would help get our minds off of vet school; however, I found that easier said than done.

So after excessive planning of our route and packing, we started our two day drive toward the Grand Canyon. The drive included, in true spring break fashion, listening to random radio stations and snacking on the unhealthiest snacks we could pack into the back of my roommate's car. When we arrived at the Canyon, it was already dark, which made setting up our non-pop up tent a little tricky. With much perseverance and communication, my roomies and I managed to make a sturdy structure that would house us for the next two days.

The next day we hiked the Kaibab Trail down into the Canyon. As we worked our way down the path, I found myself constantly watching my step and trying to think about how far we've already traveled. After about an hour of this mindset, I finally looked up at the gorgeous scenery surrounding me. The beauty of the Canyon made me feel so stupid for spending so much time looking at my feet and analyzing the trek instead of admiring what was around me and enjoying the journey.

After that hike, I realized that our whole trip could be applied to the process of veterinary school. You have to have your route in mind and be prepared before applying in order to gain admittance into vet school. When you're faced with obstacles (like setting your tent in the dark), communication and working as a team with your classmates will help you succeed in overcoming most things. And most importantly, make sure you stop analyzing each little step you're taking, look at the big picture and enjoy the journey.