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My Best Friend’s Wedding!

Vet school is definitely a precarious place for relationships.  The thirty to forty hours per week spent in class followed by the hours of studying required once you finally get home in the evenings puts a huge strain on all your relationships. Besides the students, the individuals most greatly affected are definitely their husbands and wives.

When you enter vet school with a husband, wife, or significant other they are almost enrolling with you. Their dedication to support, to encourage, and to understand the requirement of time and money required for completion of the program is essential to maintaining the relationship through the four years until graduation.

When I began the program, my then boyfriend and I had been dating for 3 years. He knew from the beginning of our relationship that vet school was going to be part of the deal. Even with that understanding, we definitely had some bumps in the road in figuring out how to balance both our personal time and relationship with the huge time commitment of the professional program. I am happy to say that we have been successful in finding the balance.  Last summer, after the end of my second year, ours was one of the several "second year summer weddings." Because this was our last summer before we complete the program, several couples from our class chose to have their weddings during those couple of months.

The trend continues as the breaks from class diminish before we begin our 12 month year of clinical rotations. Spring break is next week, and I am happy to say that my best friend will be joining the "married crowd." Planning a wedding during school is absolute madness. Trying to make sure you get your studying and homework complete while finding a venue, ordering a cake, hiring a photographer, finding a dress, taking bridal portraits, finding a florist, deciding on flowers, attending bridal showers, and planning a honeymoon can be enough to push you right over the edge to insanity.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of separation, divorce, and absolute destruction that veterinary school can cause in your personal life, but finding the perfect balance for you and what is important in your life can lead to great happiness.  It is worth remembering also that the friendships made through the trials of vet school will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  If it weren't for vet school, I would not have been a maid of honor this weekend, in fact, I probably never would have met Brittany at all.

As I prepare for the wedding this weekend, it has all just been a reminder that despite the trials of vet school, life goes on. Friendships are forged, weddings are planned, babies are born, and families are made. It is wonderful to have the goal of becoming a veterinarian, but it is essential to recognize and prioritize the other important things in life as you pursue your goal.