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“Soon to be Fourth Years…”

It is an exciting, nerve-wracking, and anxiety filled time to be a third year veterinary student. We are three weeks from beginning our fourth year. It is frightening how over the short time between Friday May 6th and Monday May 9th we are expected to have transformed from the lecture and lab student role that we have mastered over the past three years to students working one on one with clients on cases in the large and small animal hospitals.

Of course we are all excited to be moving one step closer to May of 2012 when we will walk across the stage and be able to sign DVM behind our names. The clinical and hands on experience that we will gain over the next 12 months will allow us to apply all of the knowledge that we have worked so hard to learn, but therein lies our greatest source of anxiety. Will I be able to recall the information that I learned three years ago? Do I know enough? Can I apply the facts that I have learned to real life cases? They say these nervous feelings are normal for students as they look to begin their fourth year, and that we will all prove to be more than prepared for our clinical rotations. I guess we will know very soon if this will also be the case for us.

The next year will bring many exciting changes. This time next year I will have hopefully passed my national board exams, hopefully will have a position at an equine exclusive internship for my first year after graduation, and will be a few short weeks from graduation. Although it seems like that time will be a reality so far from now, I know that in veterinary school time has a way of rushing past you. So until that time comes, I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and learning how to put the past three years of studying to work!